[FREE GUIDE] Are You Making Your Foot Blister Worse With Any Of The Common Blister Treatment Mistakes

5 Step System To Treating Painful Messy Blisters And Preventing Infection

If You're Putting Up With A Painful Foot Blister Learn How You Can Treat It Correctly [Right Now] To Make It Feel Better... Not Worse!

  • The 3 Types Of Blisters & How This Influences Everything
  • When To Apply An Antiseptic Or Antibiotic
  • How To Choose The Right Blister Dressing & When To Change It
  • What Infection Looks Like & What To Do About It

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Here's what people are saying...


“I've had these shoes for months and already run a couple hundred miles in them so I'm at a loss to explain it. Tried your treatment and its working. Thanks for saving my bacon and keeping me on track in my traiing." Craig Anderson, USA

Walking and Hiking

"On the 5th day, they became unbearable - they were filled with fluid which would drain away each night by the morning, but by the 5th day, Cam used a sterile scalpel to pop them, which was a great decision. We even watched your video twice before attempting this. "Alison Ackerley, Australia

All Sports

"Thanks to your advice, my daughter managed to play all 6 games over the weekend. She simply couldn't have done it without you. As strange as it sounds, the blisters look better now than they did at the start of the carnival!" Megan Scott, Australia

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